Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Blu-ray Disc "Lake Towada and Oirase Streams" from VideoFourSeasons

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VideoFourSeasons now released the first Blu-ray Disc versin. The title is "Lake Towada and Oirase Streams", the famous place for sightseeng.

Lake Towada is one of the largest caldera lake in Japan and it's deep blue colored water is very beautiful especially in Autumn, which makes beautiful contrast with Autumn colored trees.

Oirase Stream is flowing from Lak Towada and it has many stream scenes and water falls. The path for hikers is available at the side of the Oirase river. The hikers can enjoy many kind of the scenes of the water stream and also can find many beautiful water falls.

Blu-rai is the newly developed for HD video instead of the current DVD. It is not available to played back with DVD player. BD player or PlayStation3 should be required for play back the Blu-ray Disc.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring of Japan - - Cherry Blossoms

In Japan, Spring is the seasons of Cherry Blossoms. Many famous place for cherry blossoms are published on the magazine, newspaper or TV news, and many people go to see cherry blossoms.

Tohoku is located north area of Japan and there are many famous place for cherry blossoms. Very old cherry trees, some of them are more than one thousand years old, are well cared and are full bloomed.

"Miharu" is one of the most famous place in Tohoku area Japan, and there are many old and big cherry trees are there. "Taki-sakura" is the name of the cherry tree, which is the oldest tree in this area, and is counted as one of the most famous cherry tree in Japan. "Taki-sakura" was named from it's shape, looks like the big waterfall. (Taki mean the waterfall)

"Kakunodate" is the very old city where the "samurai" is living there. There are several old house where the samurai was living. Kakunodate is also very famous as small Kyoto in Tohoku, and also is famous for the cherry blossoms with samurai house.

"Sakura Tohoku Japan" is the DVD stored such beautiful seasons of cherry blossoms in Japan. All of the video images were shot by high definition video camera and edited on HD editing system with high quality PCM audio.

High definition video file for PC, high definition file for PlayStation3 and HDV tape, which can be played back on HDV video camera are also prepared as well as DVD. (DVD is not high definition image)

English title is also added on the screen as well as Japanese title, and English explanation for each place is also attached.(DVD only) English jacket title is also available.

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